Field Trip Fun at the Farm!

We had a spectacular day at Teusink’s Pony Farm today.  We started our day with a long bus ride to the farm.  Teusink’s Farm is in Holland, MI off of 32nd Street.  When we got to the farm, kids started peeking out the windows right away!

First we took a ride in the hay wagon and noticed lots of living and nonliving things around the farm.

Then we took a walk into the barn with Farmer Teusink and he showed us all the baby animals that live in the barn.  We got to touch and pet them all!  We pet ducks, chicks, bunnies, a kid, a lamb, and a calf.  After that, we walked through the rest of the barn to see the mommy and daddy animals too.

We took a walk around the farm after that to see many different kinds of birds.  We saw pheasants, peacocks, and turkeys.  We were really lucky today because the peacocks decided to put on a really good show with their feathers.  And the turkey decided it wanted to be really noisy and tell us jokes!  They must have been really good jokes because the kids were laughing and giggling every time the turkey spoke!

We waited patiently to feed the sheep and goats after our walk around the farm.  Kids were taught how to cup their hands correctly so they didn’t get their fingers nibbled.

We finished up our tour of the farm with a pony ride.  Students were given instructions for how to mount the ponies by putting their left foot in the stir-up and swinging their leg over.  They were also taught how to dismount.  Most students were super excited to ride while a few were a bit nervous.  Kids who were nervous were SUPER BRAVE today and still rode a pony.  SO PROUD of them for trying something that was a bit scary.

After a busy morning, we sat in the picnic area and filled our bellies with some lunch.  Thank you for remembering to pack and send these with your child today!  We were happy to get some rest and take a break!

Thank you to all of the wonderful parents who volunteered to help.  Thank you to all the parents who were able to go…you did a fabulous job interacting with the kids today!  And thank you to all the parents who helped get your child ready at home for a fantastic trip to the farm…everyone dressed appropriately and had something yummy to eat today!  This field trip couldn’t have been successful without you!



Happy Valentine’s Day!




We had a fantastic time at our party today!  Thank you to all the amazing moms who planned, organized, and helped out at the party.  We made bookmarks with heart thumbprints.  We made crazy Valentine pencil toppers.  We played Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe and Valentine Bingo.  We also had a yummy snack with a Valentine butterfly made of M&M’s and popcorn, a tasty rice krispy heart,  and some juice to wash it all down.  We worked really hard to use our super reading powers to read our Valentine cards and  were able to deliver the ones that were mailed incorrectly to our friends.  We also used our super reading powers to read conversation hearts from Mrs. LePard.  I hope you enjoy these pictures:


We had a festive Christmas celebration today!  We shared gifts with Mrs. LePard.  She shared gifts with us.  We shared gifts with our classmates and had a classroom party.

At the party we made two crafts, played two games, and had a delicious snack.  We made two different ornament for our Christmas trees.  One was a reindeer…the other was a picture of us in 2016!  We played candy cane golf and jingle bell toss.  We ate Christmas tree cupcakes, snowmen cheese sticks, and drank reindeer water.  THANK YOU to the parents who organized this event and to the parents who popped in and helped out with the crafts.

Here are pictures of our festivities….

img_0238 img_0239 img_0240 img_0241 img_0245 img_0244 img_0243 img_0242 img_0247 img_0248 img_0249 img_0250 img_0251 img_0252 img_0253 img_0254img_0255 img_0256 img_0257 img_0259 img_0261 img_0262 img_0263 img_0264 img_0265 img_0266 img_0267 img_0268 img_0269 img_0270 img_0271 img_0272img_0277 img_0278img_0280img_0283

Here is a link to the newsletter:  lk-k-news-122116

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  See you on Tues. Jan. 3


FEED the REINDEER (and a few other things!)




On Friday we made a game called “Feed The Reindeer”.  It is a game that will help your child learn to read his/her popcorn words quickly.  Here is how you play with your child:

  1.  Take turns reaching into the bag.  Take out one popcorn (sight) word.
  2.  Read the word.  If you can read it quickly, you get to keep it.  If you can’t read it, it goes back into the bag.
  3.  If you get a “carrot” card, then you say “carrot”.  All of the words you have earned go back into the bag with the “carrot” card.  Keep playing until you run out of time…10 – 15 minutes should do the trick.
  4.  Count how many card you have earned.  Whoever has the most is declared the winner.  Actually….your child is the real winner as you have spent time with them and they have practiced their reading skills…SHHHHH…don’t tell!


It is Christmas Spirit Week at Alward Elementary School.  Here is a link our Holiday fun:



We are having a problem with important messages from “School Messenger”.  Parents are reporting that these messages are ending up in “SPAM” instead of their inboxes.  Our technology department is aware of this.  Please make sure to check your “SPAM” if possible to make sure you are not missing any important messages from the office or the school district.  The technology department has stated that you may even need to mark it twice as “NOT SPAM” to fix the error.  We don’t want you to miss any messages from Ms. Doni!

Here is the link to last Thursday’s newsletter:lp-k-news-121516

5 Senses Fun!

This week we became SCIENTISTS!  We learned how scientists predict and collect data about experiments they do.  We learned that a prediction is a guess based on what we already might know about something.  We learned that sometimes our prediction is correct and sometimes it is not, but either way, it’s okay because that’s how predicting works.  We also learned how to collect data and write it down during our 5 Senses experiments.  We know that data is the thing we learned from doing the experiment.

Our week of being a scientist included:


Monday:  Sense of Sight…we explored the room and collected data about colors, shapes, and sizes. We hunted around the room using our sense of sight to find objects that had these attributes.


Tuesday:  Sense of Hearing…we predicted what we thought the item was that made that sound.  We heard jingle bells, shaving cream coming out of the can, a ball launcher that went pop, and rice inside of a plastic egg.


Wednesday:  Sense of Touch…we explored the classroom using our sense of touch to find something hard, soft, rough, and smooth.  We collected data by drawing pictures of what we found and labeling it.


Thursday:  Sense of Smell…we closed our eyes (sight) and smelled things that were hiding inside special containers.  We predicted what each smell was and drew a picture of our prediction.  We smelled vanilla, black pepper, cinnamon, and lemon juice that was old and a bit rotten.










Friday:  Sense of Taste…we said we would be brave and take one small bite of each thing and WE DID!  So proud of all my little scientists!  We first predicted what we thought each thing we taste like and then we collected data by tasting it and recording our results.  We tasted pickles…they were sweet pickles.  We tasted pretzels…they were salty.  We tasted SweetTarts….they were sour.  And we tasted chocolate….it was bitter (baker chocolate…no sugar).  The kids were amazed (and a bit disgusted) by the way chocolate tastes when it has no sugar.

I wish I would have been able to take pictures during the experiments!  I think I need to ask Santa for a GoPro and wear it on my head.

I am VERY PROUD of all my scientists and their ability to predict, explore, and collect data.  It was a busy week and we learned a lot!

Here is a link to this week’s newsletter:  lp-k-news-12816


Students have been working hard to get ready for the Christmas Program.  Here is a sneak peek into tonight’s festivities!

img_0181 img_0182 img_0183 img_0184 img_0185 img_0186 img_0187 img_0188 img_0189 img_0190 img_0191 img_0192 img_0196 img_0197

Please make sure to have your child meet me between 6:15 and 6:20 so I can get them on stage promptly.

Please make sure to keep their coats/jackets as they not be returning to that room.  When kindergarten is finished on stage, we will exit into the foyer.  Mrs. Moore will ask for one parent of each kindergartner to find your child’s teacher in the foyer to collect them after their performance.  Please make sure to make eye contact with me so I know your child is safe.  I have also taught your child all of this as well.  Thank you for your help and understanding!

Please feel free to stay and enjoy the rest of the show!   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


I just wanted to take the time to share with you some AMAZING homework papers that I have received this week.  These students:

  1.  drew illustrations with lots of good details that show what the picture is
  2. colored their pictures with wonderful 3-Star Coloring
  3.  sound spelled the label for their picture using correct sounds
  4.  book spelled the label with parent’s help
  5.  printed neatly and made their letters “the school-way”
  6.   wrote a sentence on the back (using 5-Star writing) to match one of their pictures
  7.   had mom or dad help them fix “oops” like backwards letters or forgetting a capital or punctuation on their sentence

THIS is what BEST WORK looks like in our kindergarten classroom!  Thank you for all the help and support you are giving your child and for making them the best possible learner they can be!  I always tell them…..”The pickier I am, the smarter you get!”.  Thanks for keeping expectations high at home as well!


img_0167 img_0168 img_0169 img_0170 img_0171 img_0172 img_0173 img_0174

Here is a link to last week’s newsletter as well: lp-k-news-112216


Plus One Pattern…with our Buddies!

Today we played a +1 pattern game with our 3rd grade buddies!  The students had a paper covered with numbers.  They had to take turns rolling a die (the school way).  They then had to read the number on the die and turn it into a number sentence.  For example, if they rolled a 3…they said “3+1=4”.  They had to find the number 4 on their paper and color it.  If they rolled the die and said the number sentence, but none of that specific number was left, they couldn’t color or “lost their turn”.   They had to keep rolling and saying the number sentences until one person filled up the paper.  They were declared “the winner” and then they got to play again!

Third graders did an excellent job being “teachers” and setting a good example of how to play the game.  Ask you kindergartner to show you how to play at home.  The paper is in his/her folder.  It is easy to make one on a blank piece of paper.  Just copy the circles and the numbers, and have fun practicing addition at home too!

Enjoy the photos:

img_0141 img_0142 img_0143 img_0144 img_0145 img_0146 img_0147 img_0148 img_0149 img_0150 img_0151 img_0153 img_0154 img_0155 img_0156 img_0157

Here is a link to this week’s newsletter:  lp-k-news-111016

Have a great weekend!


It is ELECTION DAY across the country and in our classroom!  We had lots of fun learning all about how adults vote for our next president.  Our first step to learn how voting works, was to vote for things during learning time…like should we write a “c” or should we write a “k” when we hear that sound.  We raised our hands.  The teacher counted.  And whichever choice won had to be okay.  You were not allowed to complain…as we often say, “You get what you get, and you don’t through a fit”.

Then we read the book Duck for President written by Doreen Cronin.


First Duck wants to be in charge of the farm, then he wants to be Governor of the State, and last he wants to be President and run the country.  Each time Duck runs for office, he wins.  But he also learns that the job is a lot of hard work.  So he ends up returning to the farm and letting the vice president take over.  When we finished reading we discussed what the president is in charge of and how he/she gets elected.

We then spent time reading a Scholastic Magazine titled “Let’s Find Out”.  We learned how a mom reads up on the candidates, goes to the polling place, casts her vote privately, and then learns the results.   So…. we read who are two choices were, we went to the polling place, and we cast our vote privately.


Before reading the results, we again discussed how “sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some” and how it is important for everyone to have a good, positive attitude.  You need to be a good winner (no bragging) and you also need to be a good loser (no complaining).

We had only two choices on our ballot to make it easy to read.  We used our “super reading power” of Lips the Fish to look at the beginning letter to figure out the candidates name.  We then colored in the box.


The result were tallied on the board.


According to our classroom vote: Donald Trump is the next President of the United States of America!

The kids did a PHENOMENAL job being POSITIVE voters!  I hope that they carry this lesson with them through life as they some day will get to vote too.  We ended our lesson with discussing how it is important to vote and that every vote counts…





We had a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween celebration today!  A BIG THANK YOU to all the parents who helped organize and create this fun event for our classroom!  The kids truly enjoyed spending this time with you today and I can’t THANK YOU enough.

The kids had a great time wrapping each other like mummies!

img_0064 img_0065img_0068 img_0069 img_0070 img_0071img_0073 img_0075img_0081 img_0082 img_0083img_0093 img_0094 img_0095img_0101 img_0102img_0106 img_0107 img_0108 img_0109

Kids made a bookmark for a craft!  There were witches, werewolves, and Frankensteins!  The kids were so into making their bookmarks that they didn’t even notice their teacher taking pictures!  WOW!

img_0061 img_0062 img_0063 img_0078 img_0079 img_0080 img_0084 img_0085 img_0086 img_0098 img_0099 img_0100

They also made ghosts fly into buckets with a Peep Ghost toss!  Yes, we let them play with their food.  It was easy to get group shots on this one, so not as many photos!

img_0066 img_0072 img_0090 img_0091 img_0092 img_0097

We also had a YUMMY snack:  a cupcake topped with frosting and a candy corn, juice dressed like a mummy, monster, or ghost, and some delicious cheesy puffs!

img_0059 img_0060 img_0067 img_0076 img_0077 img_0087 img_0088 img_0089 img_0103 img_0104 img_0105

We wish you all a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween as well.  Be safe while Trick-or-Treating!  Stay with an adult, use a flashlight, check your candy, and eat a few pieces at a time!